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Webinar | Differentiating Commodities

September 27, 2022 12:30 pm MST

This webinar will discuss the core concepts of certification: Methane, GHGs, Water, Land, Community, Safety, and Engineering and how each plays a critical role in the integrity of Responsibly Sourced Gas.

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About Project Canary

We’re working to alter the course of climate change by providing trusted, independent certifications and accurate ESG performance data for companies across the energy value chain. Our integrity is everything. We are a trusted, honest, ethical, and truly agnostic third-party dedicated to our communities, customers, and colleagues.

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Our Mission

 Alter the course of climate change.

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Join Our Team

Ready to join the mission?

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Public Benefit Corporation

We’re working to be the change we want to see in the world.

How We Help You Win the Energy Transition

Project Canary is the leader in the rating and certification of responsible energy operating practices and provides science and technology-backed emission profiles via continuous monitoring hardware synced with a real-time dashboard. Project Canary Upstream (TrustWell®) Certifications, Midstream Certifications, and Canary Continuous Monitoring help identify the most responsible energy supply chain operators.

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Environmental Assessments

The only full lifecycle program recognizing the pursuit of top-tier ESG standards.

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Continuous Monitoring

Stop estimating, start measuring. Capture emissions in real-time using Canary all-weather sensors.

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Real-Time Dashboard

Rapidly interpret events and gather the insights you need to make informed decisions.

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Certified Responsibly Sourced Gas

Drive continued improvements in the energy supply chain and demonstrate your commitment to ESG goals.

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The Science

Learn about the science that drives Project Canary.

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Recent Blogs

Discover Energy ESG related ideas.

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White Papers & Guides

Download our white papers for the latest insights.

Thorough Yet Agile

Our technology and expertise bring efficiencies that allow us to move quickly without compromising quality. We can get you stood up faster than anyone else in the industry, in as little as 8 weeks. This timeline allows for thorough review of customers’ equipment and goals, as well as complete integration of Project Canary’s technology into your organization’s site and workflow.  We are a true, scalable platform, and not a point solution.

Our comprehensive well-pad by well-pad and pipeline independent certification processes evaluate and rate a company’s environmental performance and impacts on air, land, water, and community.

Real-time reporting and actionable emissions reductions are made possible by Canary continuous monitoring sensors that collect high fidelity data reported to the cloud every minute of every day.

Today’s high bar is tomorrow’s benchmark. Get there first.

The Energy Value Chain

From E&P to Utilities, Project Canary is working to drive a clean energy future across the value chain.

Project Canary Performance Proof

Net-zero needs accuracy and independent data. Project Canary customers can now choose an additional layer of 3rd party data review to produce unassailable emissions performance reports, adding further support for our independence and our commitment to providing high-fidelity operational and emissions data.

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